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Register for a national professional qualification (NPQ)

Registration has closed temporarily

When registration reopens, use this service to register for a NPQ or the early headship coaching offer starting before November 2024.

Request email updates to tell you when registration opens, this is usually in the summer. You can also tell us about your interest in the special educational needs coordinator (SENCO) NPQ course.

You’ll be asked to create a DfE Identity account or sign in to your account.

You will need a teacher reference number (TRN), even if you’re not a teacher. Learn about TRNs including how to request one if you do not have one.

If you're starting a national professional qualification (NPQ) course before July 2024, contact your course provider for support.

Check your existing registrations

You can still sign in to your DfE Identity account to check your:

  • registration details, if you already registered
  • course outcome, if you have completed your course