Register for a national professional qualification (NPQ)

Use this service to:

  • register for an NPQ or the Early headship coaching offer starting before April 2024
  • check your registration details, if you already registered
  • check your course outcome, if you have completed your course

You also need to apply separately with your training provider. They’ll send you an application form by email once you’ve registered.

Before you start

You need to know which NPQ you want to do and who your provider is. If you have not chosen yet, find out about NPQ courses.

You also need a teacher reference number (TRN) to register for an NPQ, even if you’re not a teacher. Learn about TRNs including how to request one if you do not have one.

If you work in early years or childcare, check if your workplace is registered with Ofsted and get their Ofsted unique reference number (URN) if they have one.

Before registering for an NPQ you’ll be asked to create a DfE Identity account or sign in to your account.